Mahesh kumara

There are some messages which are sent to all top level windows by Windows CE Operating System.
For Example - Power on/off 

By subclassing a window procedure those messages can be monitored.(using MessageWindow class)
I want to know whether the Sytem Error Messages are sent to the all top level windows by OS or not
Is there a way to monitor System Error Messages in compact framework

Thank You
Mahesh Kumara

Re: .NET Compact Framework System Error Messages in WIndows CE


Someone on the windowsmobile team would need to tell you if error messages are sent to all top level windows.

You can subclass your toplevel window with the code in the following articles and inspect any messages before forwarding them to the underlying wndproc.

See this article for more information: "Subclassing controls in .NETCF 2.0"

part 1:

part 2:

Windows Mobile API:



Windows CE API:


General programming (not VisualStudio related):

Native compilers: