I thought that mobile direct3d was available through windows ce 5.0.. when I try to run my appilcation that uses md3d it crashes saying it cannot find the files...   as a quick solution i switch over to using the GDI+  for our game, but it is just too slow...

Is is possible to have a windows ce 5.0 device that does not have md3d if so how can we install it

if not is there any other way of displaying graphics that would be faster using c#



Re: .NET Compact Framework mobile direct3d... not available on our windows ce 5.0 device

Ilya Tumanov

Windows CE is a custom built modular OS, it can contain whatever customer wants ranging from headless (no screen at all) device to device with 3d support. You can't install it, OS needs to be build with it from the start. Call your device OEM and ask them to add D3DM support into the OS image.

Windows Mobile 5.0 (and 6.0), on the other hand has preset features and includes D3DM support. The quality and performance of D3DM drivers provided by OEMs is, however, questionable in most cases.