Peter Vrenken


i am developing an assembly which contains a set of custom controls and components. The controls are meant to represent allot of neat eyecandy and navigational stuff that can be found in new telephones/PDA's like the IPhone, HTC Touch and Prada... All these controls are neatly decorated to be used in designers using XMTA files. There is no custom compilation through defines or whatsoever.

All was going quite well and i was becomming proud of the work and for a while adding the assembly reference to a few other testfixtures projects (in the same solution) worked fine. Untill...

A few days ago the toolbox tab the controls where available in all testfixtures just dissapeared... Nowhere to be found anymore. Not in the toolbox, not in the debugger, nowhere... Visual Studio just ate them...

I cannot pinpoint the exact reason why this has happened and am thus without a clue on how to get the tabpage and controls back.

Until now, no reset, project unload, manual deletion of metadata assemblies helps, and i am getting quite desperate because this way i cannot publish the library for other developers in our company to use...

Please help.

Re: Smart Devices General VS2005 Custom controls tab gone from toolbox

Christopher Fairbairn

Hi Peter,

Have you moved any of the projects within your solution into a "solution folder" (right click within Solution Explorer and select "New Solution Folder" within the Add submenu) by chance

If so this will most likely be the cause of your problem. For some reason Visual Studio can not "find" custom controls located within projects which have been placed into a solution folder.

The only solution I know of is to move the projects which contain custom controls out of the solution folder and move them back into the root of the solution within Solution Explorer.

Hope this helps,

Christopher Fairbairn

Re: Smart Devices General VS2005 Custom controls tab gone from toolbox

Peter Vrenken

Yep i have...

I like my solutions tidy and if the projectcount grows i always create some folders to rearrange them.

I'll try it tonight, but i guess this is the cause of the problem.

Thanks allot!!!!!!!