On Smartphones, when I give a win32 edit control focus, and press EITHER softkey I get back msg=WM_KEYUP wparam=VK_PROCESSKEY and lparam=0xc0000001

Usually for a softkey I get back wparam of VK_F1 or VK_F2. But when they both send the same parameters I cannot distinguish between the 2 softkeys. I dont have any IME stuff going on either.

Any ideas how I can figure out which softkey was pressed

Thank you.

Re: Smart Devices Native C++ Development How to interpret VK_PROCESSKEY?


Maybe you can try to catch the message in the edit control's WinProc function. You can override it's WindowProc like this:

m_lpfnEdit = (WNDPROC) :: SetWindowLong(m_hWndEdit, GWL_WNDPROC, (long) ProcEdit)