I would love some feedback on a gadget I've been developing, it's on li=21ce0cf7-c129-4308-aca9-a82aaf66437a&bt=1&pl=1

It's hard to get feedback through because the review system sucks (sorry gallery guys), so maybe you guys can let me know what you think!



Re: Sidebar Gadget Development Feedback please


Just tried it out. Two major problems:

  1. Outlook 12 spams "Allow/Deny" dialogs any time the gadget tries to access it. The gadget did many access in a row, causing me to have to allow the gadget access 10-15 times. The dialog did give the option to allow access for up to 10 minutes, but it'd be nice if you could find some way to make the gadget trusted for access to Outlook.
  2. Outlook CPU usage spiked to a sustained 50% as long as the gadget was open. Closing the gadget dropped CPU usage back down to 0%. I don't know if that's a problem with Outlook or the gadget, but either way it's horrible. BTW, this was on a Core2 Duo @ 2.4GHz.

Re: Sidebar Gadget Development Feedback please


1) The Allow/Deny message can be worked around with a free download at ( Unfortunately outlook's security is the way it is and the API can't disable it for obvious reasons.

2) The CPU spike is actually the same issue as #1 because the security checks take up so much CPU, so again downloading the plugin should remedy this.

P.S. ToddOs, I like your gadgets, thanks for your feedback too.