D C Sharp

I have a program that reads AD and writes a table. I was using stringbuilder and completely re-wrote the app using OleDb & Parameters.

Eitherway (with StringBuilder or without), when it runs in VS2005, no problem.

When I build project (for deployment), the exe immediately runs PF Usage past 2GB, almost before reading the 100th AD record.

It occurs when I load the directory entry data to the parameter values.
I am not doing any special logic, just straight loading.

If I bypass the OleDb update query, than no memory problem.

Is there some special compile options I can apply so it runs the same as within VS environment

I hope someone has some suggestions, I have spent 3 full days (i mean all day/night) on this.

I am using VS2005 SP1


Re: Project Codename: Jasper C# PF Usage OutOfMemory with Build version of Application

Andrew Conrad - MSFT

This is probably not the right forum for your question. This forum is for the Jasper incubation project.

Not quite sure what forum is the righ one for your question. Can you tell me what specific products you are having problems with and I can try to give you a better option.