Manasvini Jayram

Hi All,

We have an installation application created using NSIS for windows mobile based devices.
The setup application makes use of CEAppMgr to install cab files etc..,

For our device application we need more than one cab file to be installed.(i.e) We have the device application itself
as a cab file and then we have .net compact framework cab file and so on and so forth.

The problem which we face now is that, the CEAppMgr always prompts with a message box asking for approval to install each cab file. So we have to click the message boxes for n number of times for the cab files to be installed.
This is a big pain to keep on clicking the message boxes. Is there any way to avoid this
Is whatever we are doing correct Can all the cab files be installed at a stretch without the requirement of any manual


Re: Smart Devices General CEAppMgr prompting for each cabfile installation for windows mobile device...

Ilya Tumanov

You can use RAPI to deploy the CAB and launch CAB installer on device in silent mode.

That has some drawbacks:

1. RAPI can be disabled on some devices.

2. Device has to be connected at a time of installation.

3. Application won't be at Add/Remove programs in AS.

4. Its way more work.