Iv'e noticed that a couple of people are creating sidebar, live and myspace gadgets and spamming other gadget search tags with their own email addresses and gadgets and stuff. These people are also Down rating other live, myspace and sidebar gadgets to get their gadgets to the top of the lists. one person in particular is Bamkee who posted 3 gadgets almost identical and had 5 star average out of 20 ratings before he had even had 20 downloads.

See for yourself: a=46ba5aeb-394c-4346-a7dd-e06825791322&l=1

This causes problems for people with genuine ratings. Me and my brother developed a sidebar gadget for ebay which has been downloaded 5100 times since november and had 56 genuine ratings until Bamkee posted his similar gadgets which . Now our gadget has 87 ratings due to Bamkee down-rating as he sees our gadget to be a threat to his. although our gadget has a totally different purpose.

not only this but I suspect he and others have been downrating Sidebar, live and myspace gadgets to get onto the top rated list

These people should not be allowed to post gadgets and should be taught a lesson wouldn't it be funny if all msn users down rated their gadgets to teach them a lesson.

Re: Sidebar Gadget Development people spamming live gallery ratings and down rating not mensioning any names (BAMKEE)


I've noticed this too (unless my gadget really is that bad). But I wouldn't worry too much about it. Once Vista is released to consumers and we start getting a bunch of legitimate ratings, they should greatly outweigh any downrating by other members.