Hello to all!
I am developing application in VS 2005 (C#) for Intermec Handheld computer (crossing beginner level ).
Application going smooth, just in printing I have issue when printing Arabic text. It gives junk characters.
Printer is Intermec 6820 NPCP.
I have installed and configured Printer with Arabic Fonts.
What I think I m missing is some change in application level.
I had tried few functions of Intermec library, still not worked.

Any help in any regards will greatly be appreciated.


Best Regards,
Khurram Ishaque

Re: .NET Compact Framework Arabic Printing Problem!

Peter Vrenken

Hello Khurram,

As far as i know Windows Mobile has no build-in support for printing. How do you interact with it Do you send files like RTF or Word Documents or use some kind of .NET component to print

If the first is the case than your problem is probably related to the printer driver/tool you use to print.

Re: .NET Compact Framework Arabic Printing Problem!



I have been using Intermec's packages (components) for Printing on Intermec printer.

I have also ask support from Intermec, but still no response.

On the same Intermec device, the application which is previous running is printing arabic text fine.

I just finds out from some of Printer manuals that there are font modules which support respective

language characters, I m trying to use them like the previous application is using, but no success yet.

Best Regards.

Re: .NET Compact Framework Arabic Printing Problem!


You should use DLL file for printing , it shoud automaticlly printing arabic leter..

becarefull for configure the printer

this is from consultatnt in Intemec he is my friend

Re: .NET Compact Framework Arabic Printing Problem!


Dear besharah,

I am using following DLL files:

- lineprtdll.dll

- Intermec.Print.LinePrinter.CF2.dll

I also check Printer configuration through one of utility file, it shows Character sets not includes Arabic.

I set Arabic character set through same utility, but still it doesn't shows it.

The previous application is displaying arabic fine, I dont know rather they r using arabic font or character set in the application or printing low quality arabic images. Cannot determine wat it is.

Can I discuss this issue with that person in Intermec directly or is it possible that he can provide me some sample printing arabic or RTL language

Thanks & Regards.

Re: .NET Compact Framework Arabic Printing Problem!


Ganesh Rajappan

Technical Support Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Intermec Technologies Middle East
Dubai Internet City | Building 1, Office 313 | P O Box 500273 | Dubai | United Arab Emirates
Direct Tel: +971(4) 3911940

Mobile UAE: +971(50) 2730309

Mobile KSA: +966(55) 9893319

Fax: +971 (4) 3918751

Re: .NET Compact Framework Arabic Printing Problem!


Thanks dear,

We are trying to get some help from him.

Best Regards.