I have a program that, upon startup, needs to check for an Id that I'd like to place in either an xml file (located in a persistent folder) or the device registry. I need the Id to be located in some sort of persistent memory location. Now, I know WM 5.0 uses Flash Memory now but the problem is that even when I place the Id in the registry it is gone after a hard reset. I need to find somewhere to place this Id that will persist through a hard reset. Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Smart Devices General Persistent Storage Using WM 5.0


fi you're in CF2.0, use XML serialization to store it in permanent storage:

if you're in CF1.0, you can use simple File I/O or XML documents to store the ID in simple text form.

or, or install SQL Server mobile, and keep the ID in the DB.

however ... I don't believe the registry resests on hard reset ... only on image restoration ... I've made registry entires, pulled the battery overnight, put it back in in the morning, started the device, and I'm pretty certain I still had my registry values stored ... however, I haven't done anything with registry since February or March 06, so I could be recalling incorrectly ...

Re: Smart Devices General Persistent Storage Using WM 5.0

Michael Koster

I assume you mean with 'hard reset' the 'Clean Storage' command. This brings the device back to factory default settings.

The only place that will persist is storing your data on an external storage card (SD Card/ Compact Flash).