Alex Poon

I am going to develop a program for Windows CE Device (I currently only know that it would be a Windows CE 5.0 OS, MIPS Processor, 640*480 VGA Screen, landscape screen should be supported). Actually, I only have experience on developing Windows Mobile Application by using Visual Studio.

I found that VS2005 support creating Windows CE 5.0 application. But I found that the emulator provided are still all windows mobile. Where can I get the Windows CE 5.0 emulator for VS2005

I know that Windows CE and Windows Mobile are two different things. Windows CE suppose can do much more. But I don't see any big different when I create a Windows Mobile project and Windows CE project. Seems nothing different beside the windows form size... Could anybody told me more detail on the difference of these two OS How can CE do more things Any code sample

Re: Smart Devices General Windows CE Question

Zero Dai - MSFT

Hi Poon,

1. Windows CE 5.0 Emulator is not shipped with Visual Studio 2005, and you need to download and install it for your own. You can download the emulator from the following link: familyid=A120E012-CA31-4BE9-A3BF-B9BF4F64CE72&displaylang=en

2. The Windows CE 5.0 project type provided in Visual Studio 2005 is only for managed platform. If you want to develop your application through native code, you need to install Windows CE 5.0 SDK. Link: familyid=FA1A3D66-3F61-4DDC-9510-AE450E2318C3&displaylang=en

3. For how to connect Windows CE 5.0 Emulator to Visualt Studio 2005, please read the following link: PostID=468594&SiteID=1

4. For the last question, you first need to recognize: Although Windows Mobile is based on Windows CE, it is still hard to say Windows CE has more funcationalities than Windows Mobile, since these two systems are designed for different purposes. Windows CE is frequently used in industrial field, while Windows Mobile is always applied on smart device (Phone & PDA).

That OS is different will not make the architeture of the application be different also. The generated starter code may seem to be the same, since they are all based on .NET Compact Framework. But, if you go further, you will find the features provided are different. For example, when you are ready to add some of the references in a Windows Mobile project, you can not find them in Windows CE project.

Furthermore, you need to be careful on the processor type (x86 or ARM) when you develope with native code.


Zero Dai - MSFT

Re: Smart Devices General Windows CE Question

Michael Koster

Hi Alex

It the device your getting a 'off the shelf' device provided by your device manufacturer. If this is the case, I'd ask the OEM to provide you with an SDK that includes proper device emulator support. He should be able to provide you this SDK.

You'll need this SDK to develp native code application. The SDK indicated by Zero Dai will only work if your device's OS does comply with 'Windows CE 5.0 Standard SDK' requirements.

Why Windows CE and Windows Mobile can be different things: Because Windows CE is a higly componentized operating system. Potentially every OS design could be different in the features it supports.

The Windows Mobile platform support a good subset of all features Windows CE. An other OS design may include different features.

The MSDN documentation describes what is available at max - the OS of your device may not support certain features.

Hope this is helpful


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Alex Poon

Thanks for your detail information.

I downloaded the Windows CE 5.0 Emulator from your link before. However, I found that the processor is ARM which is not the one I am going use. The processor I am going to use is MIPSII.

I downloaded another CE emulator from familyid=486E8250-D311-4F67-9FB3-23E8B8944F3E&displaylang=en
It is a 120 days trial. With many different processor and PB.
But I am still trying how to build the image...Any idea

Re: Smart Devices General Windows CE Question

Alex Poon

I have asked the manufacturer. But they are not able to send me one at the moment. I just want to see if there is any suitable emulator for me to do some simple testing or not before they are ready to send me the device.