Alexandre Martins

where can i download and install new emulators for vs2005

the emulator "pocket pc 2003 se emulator" has a slow processor....i need a faster one...

how can i do that


Re: Device Emulator General Install new emulators on vs2005

Mark Lu

To install a faster version of device emulator, see FamilyID=dd567053-f231-4a64-a648-fea5e7061303&DisplayLang=en

To install different emulators OS images (such as windows mobile 5), you need to download and install Windows Mobile SDKs. VS2005 comes with PocketPC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 SDKs installed. FamilyID=83a52af2-f524-4ec5-9155-717cbe5d25ed&DisplayLang=en