I have a .net VB app (Visual Studio 2005 with Windows Mobile SDK); I have imported an SQL server Mobile data source from a db I had built using SQL server 2005 admin studio.

I'm confused about how to update this data base. Where is the database the the VS2005 solution is looking at. I have modified the original db in the original place from where I imported the data source. What is the correct way to refesh the datasource in the VS solution so that it now is using the revised schema and new data that I have put into the original db (that I had imported to the VS sln).

Where should schema and bulk data changes be made so they are reflected in the VS2005 sln. I don't want to make it to the dev / testing db in case it gets wrecked in dev mode (even if I knew where this was). But if I have a master somewhere -- how do I get it into the VS2005.

Thanks for your help.

Re: .NET Compact Framework sql mobile data source in windows mobile .NET vb app

ChunSheng Tang - MSFT

Hi Steve

You are trying to update the change of the schema to the data source formerly generated, aren't you I am afraid the VS 2005 doesn't maintain the relation between the two and synchronize them. You probably have to update the change to the data source manully in the dataset designer, or first delete the table modified and then reselect it in the dataset configuration wizard(Please back up your project before doing this).


CS Tang

Re: .NET Compact Framework sql mobile data source in windows mobile .NET vb app


Thanks for the reply. I kind of stumbled into this answer. I copied the newly revised db from the 'source' and replaced the db in the project. The project was pointing to an previous location for the db (I had moved the solution to a new dir) and it took a while to figure that out, but hte biggest problem was that the new table did not appear until I re-ran the dazta config wizard. Cuased me some grief for a while.

Have a great day.