1) What is the major difference from the speed(time consuming) and bulky/large data point of view dataset being sent as webmethod parameter (in soap body) and sending the dataset as attachments in VS2005 .netcf

2) If dataset sent in soap body i assume it gets serialized what happens in terms of attachments how is this sent over the wire

3) Could you please list out various advantage and disadvantage between the two

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Re: Smart Devices General Webmethod parameter vs Attachments

Ilya Tumanov

1. The difference is what the first option is supported and second one is not (unless you implement it all by yourself).

2. It¡¯s up to you to implement so you would know better how you've done it. I would say it¡¯s all the same ¨C serialize DataSet to XML, encode it somehow and send it over the wire as DIME or something like that (not supported by NETCF but can be implemented using, say, library).

3. First one works, second one is a lot of work with unclear benefits.

Re: Smart Devices General Webmethod parameter vs Attachments


Hi llya,

I have both techniques implemented and working i have used OpenCF's Dime for attachments. If my application is not using Wifi and using GPRS then if the data received is too big then it might cost too much, now to reduce that i was wondering if i am using the first Option of sending the dataset as a parameter can i compress it if yes how I have done it and received a memorystream after the compression ,Now can i send this as a parameter to the webmethod

some how this does not seems to be working and i get ann exception


So is there a betterway of doing it