Curious George

I'm trying to debug a Compact Framework 2.0 app on a Windows CE 5 device from VS2005 sp1. I assumed this should just work out of the box. When I set a breakpoint in the CF app, deploy and start debug the breakpoint indicates it wont be hit. The little exclamation point icon on the breakpoint indicates 'the specified module has not been loaded'.

Any idea what is causing this The app deploys and runs fine on the device but I cannot debug. I thought this was a no-brainer.

Re: .NET Compact Framework Debugging WinCE 5 apps not working

Curious George

After some more digging I seem to have uncovered the solution: PostID=929555&SiteID=1

The device I am using has NetCF 2.0 sp1 installed in ROM and I did not have it installed on my desktop.