I can¡¯t to install and view the gadget examples in

My steps are:

Click on Add Gadgets
Click on Advanced
In the URL I've inserted http://localhost/HelloWorldGadget/HelloWorldGadget.xml
I click on the "install" button
but in the gadget area I obtain: There was an error loading the Gadget's resources.

Where is the problem


Re: Web Gadget Development Example installation on local PC


Did you add * and * to your Trusted Sites zone Did you modify the "Access data sources across domains" security setting for the Trusted Sites zone There's a small bug in the SDK that tells you to do that for the Internet zone rather than the Trusted Sites zone (that's for IE7 -- for IE6 you don't need to do anything beyond adding the urls to Trusted Sites). Are you trying to use Firefox or Opera They can't test gadgets from localhost due to security restrictions.

Assuming all of the above is correct, the next thing to check is that your files are actually accessible from localhost. Try browsing to http://localhost/HelloWorldGadget/HelloWorldGadget.xml and see if it loads. Try loading the javascript files referenced by the gadget manifest. Make sure the manifest is correct (it should references files relatively, as in "foo.js" rather than "http://localhost/HelloWorldGadget/foo.js"). The error about loading resources means that either the manifest itself couldn't be loaded or one of the files reference by the manifest couldn't be loaded.

Re: Web Gadget Development Example installation on local PC


hi sarah,

you have to upload first your files on your web server. (html, js, xml, jpg or gif......)

then you pick the URL of your xml file from your web server

On your live com page (

choice "add a contain", and on the second input box (add a url of the rss feed), just paste your xml url.

then click on the add button, and the gadget will appear on your live com page


Re: Web Gadget Development Example installation on local PC


I've executed the same steps of yesterday and now it's work... I've not make changes...


Thanks for help me!