Alexander Korytov


Listen, i have a question and i can't resolve it with my regional microsoft support (Russia). They just don't give me an answer. So I decided to try to get some contacts here to ask.

So, the problem is:
In our company we develop a product for Win Mobile 5.0, using .NET CF 1.0. We have to use some of API functions (to hide some windows and show ours instead of them). So we have this library to be signed, just to make it work (all others, of course, should be signed to). Evidently, we could send it ti microsoft, sign code, and no problems...
But, there is a problem. What if, after users testing we'll have to modify a library Sign it again And if again
So, we wanted to ask of a possibility to use developers certificate to sign our code for some period, let it be test period.

Can anyone help If not an answer, just contacts where i can find this out (microsoft technical support (phone or mail), but not regional).

Re: .NET Compact Framework code signing

Ilya Tumanov

Yes, you'll have to sign it again and again, every time you change it C that is the point of signing. Naturally you only sign it with official certificates as you release the product because it would be quite expensive to sign everything.

For development you should be using SDK test certificates. These would work only on special test devices with test certificates installed.

Re: .NET Compact Framework code signing

Korytov Alexander

the problem is we haven't enough devices to test the application as we want to. Besides, after release maybe we will have to change functionality of application.

Anyway, it seems to me, that we'll have to do it this way (sign it again and again). Can you tell, how much time it usualy takes to sign application and how much approximately will it cost (our application consists of 3 libraries, also we need cab file)

Re: .NET Compact Framework code signing

Michael Koster

From my experience, signing a single binary file (DLL, EXE, CAB) should only take a couple of minutes (depending on your internet connection speed).

To sign your app (1 CAB containing 4 binary files) takes 5 signing events.

The prices for the starter kits can be found here:

For further information I'd contact Verisign directly.