Dear all,

I have posted again on a similar mater, but yet the solution has not presented it self. So, I will try to rephrase my question...

I use the Dell x50v PDA, with screen resolution of 480x640.

The application under development has the "Autoscale" property disabled.

I set the emulators video display to 480x640 and run the app in both the devices.

There are huge differences as far as the controls are concerned. More precisely, the button controls appear completely different in the two devices, in the emulator the buttons appear the same(size and fonts) as the original form design, while on the PDA appear quite smaller...
Moreover, consider a web browser control. On the emulator the display appears correctly as 480x640, while in the pda the resolution appears to be 240x320.

I guess that the difference is related to the dpi of the two machines, but I have not found a solid answer on the mater...

Is there a way to look into this more accurately Any ideas are welcome...

Re: .NET Compact Framework Difference between Emulator and actual PDA.


Since, someone might have the same problem as me, I will post some thoughts on the previous matter.

The answer is "Pixel Doubling" that is why the controls dimensions and fonts are different from emulator to the actual pda. There are ways around the silly little problem like resolution hacks or resolution aware technics (http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/commentrss.aspx PostID=107203).