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I wanted to post a quick note about how you can get started with "Jasper". Some of the information below is in the overview document, however the blog's listed below are not.

Blogs to use for questions, reference, other samples

¡¤ Shyam Pather¡¯s blog:

¡¤ Carl Perry's blog:

¡¤ Andy Conrad¡¯s blog:

¡¤ ADO.NET Team blog:

¡¤ Data Programmability Team blog:

¡¤ Visual Basic Team blog:

Several resources are available right now to learn about Project Jasper:

And finally how to get started (taken from the overview document).

Getting Started with ¡°Jasper¡±

For the most up to date information regarding Jasper and updates to the download go to

Prerequisites and Installation

The prerequisites for installing Microsoft Code Name ¡°Jasper¡± are listed below, along with the download location for each.

1) Microsoft Visual StudioR Codename ¡°Orcas¡± Beta 1. Install details can be found at

2) Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition can be found at familyid=220549b5-0b07-4448-8848-dcc397514b41&displaylang=en.

3) (Optional) Microsoft Iron Python 1.1. The install can be found at ReleaseId=2573.

You can download the Microsoft Jasper CTP directly from FamilyId=471BB3AC-B31A-49CD-A567-F2E286715C8F&displaylang=en.This installer will place the Jasper files in a directory called ¡°Microsoft Codename Jasper CTP¡± in your Program Files folder (typically, the path will be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Codename Jasper CTP). The binaries, samples, help file, and documentation will install under this directory.

Running the Samples

See the samples document found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Codename Jasper CTP\Samples for specific information about the samples. You¡¯ll find Visual Basic .NET ASP.NET samples, Visual Basic .NET WindowsR Form samples, and IronPython samples in this folder. If you are running the ¡°Jasper¡± CTP on Windows Vista , you will need to copy the samples to a location outside the Program Files folder.

Creating a New ¡°Jasper¡± Project in Visual Studio with the ¡°Jasper¡± Project Templates

The ¡°Jasper¡± CTP ships with four Visual Studio templates. These templates ensure that your project includes the appropriate references to the Jasper assemblies. The following templates are provided:

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Form Application

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Presentation Foundation

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± ASP.NET Web Application

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± ASP.NET Web Site

Depending on the edition of Visual Studio Codename ¡°Orcas¡± Beta 1 you have installed, some templates will be available and others will not. Table 1 lists the specific templates that are available with each version of Visual Studio Codename ¡°Orcas¡± Beta 1.

Full Visual Studio Install

Visual Basic Express

Web Developer Express

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Form Application

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Presentation Foundation

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± ASP.NET Web Application

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± ASP.NET Web Site

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Form Application

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Presentation Foundation

¡¤ ¡°Jasper¡± ASP.NET Web Site

Table 1: Jasper project templates by Visual Studio Beta 1 Edition

To create a project with the ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Form Application, ¡°Jasper¡± Windows Presentation Foundation Application, or Jasper ASP.NET Web Application templates, follow these steps:

1. On the Visual Studio File menu, click New Project.

2. Under Project types, select Visual Basic

3. In the Templates pane select the specific Jasper project you are interested in creating

To create an ASP.NET WebSite project, follow these steps:

1. On the Visual Studio File menu, click New Web Site.

2. In the Templates pane select the Jasper ASP.NET WebSite template.

Using ¡°Jasper¡± in the IronPython Interactive Environment

If you want to use Jasper with the IronPython language, you will need to install Iron Python 1.1 after installing Microsoft Codename ¡°Jasper¡± and Visual Studio Codename ¡°Orcas¡± Beta 1. Note that IronPython is not required if you intend to use Jasper only with Visual Basic.NET.

You can find the installer for IronPython 1.1 here. Once the Iron Python 1.1 setup has completed, you need to run ipy.exe, the Iron Python Interactive Console. You will want to enable tab completion in the Iron Python Interactive Console by starting ipy.exe with the ¨CX:TabCompletion parameter, as follows:

Ipy.exe -X:TabCompletion