To send a WAP provisioning message to a WM5 device, the WBXML message is signed with the IMSI of the target phone, and the WAP signed message policy must be enabled on the device. Given these, Im able to provision lots of different WM5 phones no problem.

The only device I have an issue with is the Samsung i320. The message arrives on the device, but seems to be rejected by the security layer.

Strangely, if you get the IMSI from the device using the TAPI API, it comes back as


That is it includes the <IMSI>: part, not just the number as on all other WM5 devices.

So I assume the security layer in the push handler tries to check the hash, using the imsi in the above format, not just the number and it fails.

Are there any work arounds for this Has anyone successfully OTA provisioned a samsung i320 Is this a ROM issue

Re: Smart Devices Native C++ Development OTA Provisioning Message


I've seen this on the samsung aswell.. And no .. i haven't been able to ota provision the device.. so i believe this is directly connected to the RIL drivers on the device...Dunno if we can classify this as a bug or not.. but apparently, it is a problem when wap-pushing OTA messages.