I`m attempting to create own emulator image using Visual Studio 2005 and Platfrom bulder 5.0.
There are some problems.
I tried to use Device Emulator ver 1.0 and 2.0. The results are equals.
When I`m attempting to Connect to Device from MS 2005, the dialog appears "To "CE50Emul_Emulator". Connection failed. The parameter is incorrect".
I tried to set on "Create text console window for serial port 1" for detecting where problem is, but unfortunately the console does not appeared in the screen.

I tried to execute my image using DeviceEmulator.exe NK.bin /video 640x480x16 /memsize 128.
The image starts successfully, but when i click on Other\Sid own my image(that is started now)\Cradle. Dialog appears in the image:
"Cannot connect to PC. no program memory available ".
The strange thing has here. after i installed the SDK I see CE50EMUL in Device Emulator Manager but there is absent node likes Pocket PC 2003...As result I can not execute any commands for my image from device emulator manager(Connect,Cradle...etc).

What is wrong here
Why my image emulator is not added right in Device Emulator Manager and I have the strange error durring connect to

I done the following:
1. Installed Virtual PC 2007.
2. Installed Device Emulator BSP.
3. Created own image using Digital Media Receiver as template.
The image is added the following:

1. ActiveSync

2. MFC

5. Check out SYSGEN_SHEL=1
6. Check out no IMGNOKITL=1

After it I executed SYSGEN from PB Buld OS\Sysgen
4. Create a new SDK
5. Modified ExportSDK.sdkcfg file.
Changed <PropertyBag NAME="DeviceEmulation"> </PropertyBag>
to <PropertyBag NAME="DeviceEmulation">
<Property NAME="Default Image">1</Property>
<PropertyBag NAME="1">
<Property NAME="ImageName">CE50_EMU_Emulator</Property>
<Property NAME="VMID">7cadc594-4179-41ea-a542-95c4e34aa91a</Property>
<Property NAME="Default Skin"/>
<Property NAME="Height">480</Property>
<Property NAME="Width">640</Property>
<Property NAME="BitDepth">16</Property>
<Property NAME="Memory">128</Property>
<Property NAME="Bin Dest">Emulation\nk.bin</Property>
<Property NAME="Fixed Screen">1</Property>
<Property NAME="CpuName">ARMV4I</Property>
<Property NAME="DPIX">96</Property>
<Property NAME="DPIY">96</Property>
<Property NAME="SupportRotation">0</Property>
<Property NAME="Enabled">1</Property>
<Property NAME="Bin Path"></Property>
<Property NAME="Ethernet">1</Property>
<Property NAME="Ports">1</Property>
<Property NAME="AdditionalParameters"></Property>
<PropertyBag NAME="Skins"/></PropertyBag>
<PropertyBag NAME="Added Files">
<PropertyBag NAME="{3B388597-0924-4102-ADFA-2519D2C3E11B}">
<Property NAME="Source">C:\WINCE500\PBWorkspaces\CE50EMUL\ReleaseImage</Property>
<Property NAME="Destination">Emulation</Property>
<Property NAME="Subfolders">0</Property>
6. Created SDK
7. Installed the SDK.
8. Created a simple project for SmartDevices using this SDK.

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Re: Device Emulator General Cannot connect own emulator to Vs Studio 2005 and Platfrom builder 5.0.

Anandba - MSFT


When you created a new SDK from Platform Builder after doing the SYSGEN, did you install the SDK MSI on your machine (you will have to close Visual Studio before doing this). This will enter your *newly-created* platform to the Corecon datastore. Then restart Visual Studio and you should see the platform under 'Tools --> Connect to Device' menu.



Device Emulator PM

Re: Device Emulator General Cannot connect own emulator to Vs Studio 2005 and Platfrom builder 5.0.


Thank You, Anand.

Yes, i did it, but the result is eqal as described above.
The SDK is added by Device Emulator Manager, but the SDK is added wrong, I see only
[-] DataStore
Windows CE 5.0
[-] Pocket PC 2003
Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator
Pocket PC 2003 SE VGA Emulator
[-] SmarPhone 2003
SmarPhone 2003 SE Emulator
SmarPhone 2003 SE QVGA Emulator

CE50EMUL does not have any children. I can not use Connect, Cradle and etc option using Right mouse button in CE50EMUL, but if I start Device Options and select CE50EMUL from "Show devices for platfrom", as result i see CE50_EMU_Emulator and Microsoft DeviceEmulator:ARMV4I_Release.

I think I do some thing wrong, but can not detect what is reasonSad

Re: Device Emulator General Cannot connect own emulator to Vs Studio 2005 and Platfrom builder 5.0.


how about change

<Property NAME="VMID">7cadc594-4179-41ea-a542-95c4e34aa91a</Property>


<Property NAME="VMID">{7cadc594-4179-41ea-a542-95c4e34aa91a}</Property>

Re: Device Emulator General Cannot connect own emulator to Vs Studio 2005 and Platfrom builder 5.0.


Adding brackets to the VMID property DID allow my emulator to run. Thanks.