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I want to use the Vertical Scroll bar for the Panel Control.I want to enable the Panel.VerticalScroll.Enabled = true;Property.I'm able to view the vertical panel but,I'm not able to scroll it down.

Here is the code that i have written:

panel1.VerticalScroll.Maximum = 600;

panel1.Scroll += new ScrollEventHandler(panel1_Scroll);

panel1.VerticalScroll.LargeChange = 500;

in the panel1.Scrol Event

void panel1_Scroll(object sender, ScrollEventArgs e)


panel1.Top = -panel1.VerticalScroll.Value;



I'm not able to scroll the panel.Please suggest me a solution for this.

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Re: .NET Compact Framework Enabling Vertical Scroll To the Panel


All you need to do to have a panel control scroll is to set Autoscroll property to true and have at least one of it's child controls to be at least partially outside the panel bounds. The scrollbar(s) will appear automatically, and moving then around will scroll panel client area