I have developed one application using Microsoft Compact Framework. It is a client server application. My server is in WiFi network.

Now to connect to the server I need to pass IP address of the server.

But the problem it How I can find out IP address of the server. When I am doing ipconfig system shows me losts of IP address, so which one I have to use

Now second scenario is, my server is not online, My Pocket PC is connected using USB port. Now the ip address of the server is ¡°¡± and I am passing same value in the client ( i.e. My pocket pc ) application but still I can¡¯t connect to my system.

Please help me in this. I am confused what to do. Which IP address I have to use.


Bhavesh Rana

Re: .NET Compact Framework IP address..

Ilya Tumanov

So try them all one by one, should take you less time than writing this. Or better yet ¨C ask your network administrator which one you should use.

You can skip ¨C it¡¯s a loopback IP and it won¡¯t work for sure.