I am compiling a dll using C++ and Visual studio 2005. The dll compiles successfully, but as soon as any functions are called on it, it brings the whole device to a halt ( I am working on a windows CE device), and the device requires a reboot.

The function I am calling is very simple, it is just a test function and returns an integer. The dll works fine on my PPC 2003 device, but has trouble on another it needs to run on too.

The details of the device are as follows:

OS: Windows CE 4.2
CPU: ARM-Intel(R) PXA 250

Does anyone know how to set up the compiler and linker to compile correctly for this architecture. Some of the settings which I think are involved, and what I have them set to for this architecture are listed below, if you can spot anything missing or wrong, please let me know:

Complie for architecture: ARM4 (/QRarch4)
Subsystem: /subsystem:windowsce,4.20
Target Machine: /MACHINE:ARM

Are these the correct settings for the processor and OS Also, I see that there is no platform for Windows CE under the platforms available. can this be downloaded and added on to VS 2005, or does one need platform builder to create the platform


Re: Smart Devices Native C++ Development Building a dll for windows CE 4.2

Ilya Tumanov

First of all, VS 2005 does not support CE 4.2 development. It may work or it might not, no guarantees.

Are your settings correct Not possible to tell as CE 4.2 can be created for ARMV4, ARMV4I or ARMV4T. PXA250 can run any of these. Which one you have

Re: Smart Devices Native C++ Development Building a dll for windows CE 4.2



The device has an ARMV4 chip. In any case, I installed embedded c++ 4 and the an SDK for windows CE4.2. I can manage to get the project to compile, but the linker fails with an error:

The Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). This seems like an access violation

Any ideas what could be causing this