I downloaded Portrait_PPC_3.1_Beta from http://research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/details/d4a737d6-b663-45c3-ad4f-a1a500562c9d/details.aspx. Each time i try to make a call i get that darn gwes.exe error prompting me to send the info to microsoft. I did not write this application. (i know its a beta version, but that should make it somewhat stable. The PDA i am using is a TDS Recon, and the OS im running is Windows Mobile 5.0. Has anyone else had this issue Any thoughts on a work around



Re: Smart Devices Native C++ Development gwes.exe error from Portrait PPC 3.1 beta from Microsoft Research

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Sorry, but you are in wrong forum, since this is forum with smart device native C++ development related.

I'd suggest you to post to news group:


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