has anyone an Idea how to get the Output of an PC connected Webcam to my Windowsmobile based Device(per WiFi in my LAN) Microsoft Portrait makes it really good, but how can I code something like this in .Net Is it possible to send a Stream Or is it better to take snapshots at the PC and send them to the PocketPC I have really no idea how to make it with good performance.

Thanks for any help


Re: .NET Compact Framework Best practice PC-Webcam -> Windows Mobile?


if you're looking for realtime video, streaming is your only option. Windows Media Player for smart devices is capable of playing streams. you'll need something to generate the stream on the PC to begin with, whether that's third party software or something you put together in DirectX.

if, on the other hand, you're looking to send video snippets, or stillframes, you can use FTP to grab them from the desktop, or create a web service on the desktop to serve them to the smart device ... or even create a simple dynamic website which you browse with the device and download the snippets or frames.