I 've got the following error message box during build time.


The build cannot proceed because the current target CPU for the dependent project does not match the one for the active project, Please select a CPU shared by all the projects


next time, the caution message box is appeared.  that has following text message,


'C:\\[my_project_folder]\ARMV4Rel\myproject.bsc' cannot open file. File not found.


I was add CPU setting , configurations > Add Project Configuration >> CPU tab >>> Win32 [WCE ARMV4] >> Copy settings from >>> my_project_name - Win32 [WCE ARMV4] Release.

please answer my post.

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Re: Smart Devices Native C++ Development embedded c++ 4.0 - select a cpu shared

Gangadhar Heralgi - MSFT

Can you provide some more details, as What is the VS version you are using, What SDK, is it a custom built SDK, How did you create the project, is it happening aftre project upgrade from eVC to VS 2005