We have a requirement to dial a number from an application. Currently we are using

PhoneMakeCall win32 api for the same with P/I. This is working fine , this is opening

device native calling.. screen when we dial the number. What we need is inline dialing

experience for user so that user will not loose an eye from our application while

dialing. It should be direct call without launching device "calling..."screen.

Please suggest if there are any other ways to do this thing.

thanks in advance



Re: .NET Compact Framework Dialing a number from an application

Christopher Fairbairn


In order to implement this you may have to PInvoke the Telephony API (TAPI).

One solution depending upon your requirements and constraints would be to look into the OpenNETCF Telephony Library available at

From their webpage:

OpenNETCF wrote:
If you have ever tried to use the Win32 Telephony API (TAPI) in your managed code, then you will know how intensive it can be with all the P/Invoke. It's all too easy to forget a DWORD here and there when you are hand-coding all the TAPI data structures.

The OpenNETCF Telephony Library takes great steps to help developers working with TAPI by providing an easy to use managed code interface. In order to help you evaluate whether the Telephony Library is right for you project, we offer you a full, free of charge trial version of the SDK. This includes integration directly into Visual Studio 2005 and as well as extensive documentation, both online and integrated into the Visual Studio help system.

The Telephony Library releives you of the burden of P/Invoke leaving you free to concentrate on that all important functionality.

Hope it helps,

Christopher Fairbairn