Dries Naudts

Dear all,

i'm having an issue while connecting a Pocket PC to a PC through the serial interface. I'm implementing code in C#. When i set the SerialPort breakstate = true, I do not receive a PinChanged (BreakEvent) on the serial port of the Pocket PC. However, when I connect two PC's it works fine. Actually, I want to connect a certain device to the Pocket PC. This device generates a Break event, which I need to catch. I'm using the Compact Framework 2.0, which imho supports SerialPort objects.

Has anyone had similar problems



prt.BreakState = true;

// pin changed on serial port (device woke up)
void prt_PinChanged(object sender, SerialPinChangedEventArgs e)
switch (e.EventType)
case SerialPinChange.Break:
if (!bRadio_Awake)
bRadio_Awake = true;
prt.RtsEnable = true;
prt.RtsEnable = false;