I got an issue with running MSMQ on mobile device under WM 5.

After installation and registering it doesn't start. When I check status in visadm it shows "Error Code c00e000b".

I found that some people met the same problem. It seems to be certificates' issue. I tried to set "No security" mode on the device (using Security Configuration Manager), also I exported certificates from "msmq.arm.cab" and files inside it and installed them under root on the device.

No good.

Tried to sign the cab with SDK test cert. and install SDK test cert on device - the same.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)

Zero Dai - MSFT

Dear nbusy,

I also encountered this issue before, but fix now. I just want to share my steps here (For Pocket PC, and Smart Phone has the same steps). Hope this can help~~

At the beginning, please hard reset your emulator/device first so as to make sure we can get it done after going through the following steps.

1. Copy three certificates (located at folder "C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK\Tools") to mobile device (These three certificates are used for test only).

  • SDKFailsafeEmulator.cer
  • SDKSamplePrivDeveloper.cer
  • SDKSampleUnprivDeveloper.cer

2. Locate these three certificates using File Explorer on Pocket PC and just click to install them all.

3. Then, install msmq.arm.CAB for Windows Mobile 5.0 only. (I choose to install it on default path - device that the system specified.)

4. Startup visadm.exe, click shortcut button.

5. Click the button on the dialog as following: Install->Register->Verify.

6. Soft Restart the device.

I have verified these steps sucessfully many times.

Hope this can help you,


Zero Dai - MSFT

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)



I also try to use MSMQ service on my Windows Mobile 5.0 ASUS PPC.

Unfoirtunatelly, it doesn't work...

To learn this service :

1. I have downloaded the MSMQSampleCS example from MSDN.

2. Installed MSMQ service on my PDA following previous instruction.

3. Deploy the successfully built example and run it.

I got a message: System.Messaging.MessageQueueException: Message Queue service is not available.

What's wrong

Thnk you

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)

Zero Dai - MSFT

Hi juliaber,

Could you please let me know the status of MSMQ service that is installed on your device

That is visadm.exe->Shortcuts->Status

If there's no error message displayed, we can sure that our MSMQ is running fine.

Furthermore, we need to be careful with Port number and the Path to MSMQ that we specify in our application. I guess the defaut value above that set in the sample code is not right. So, could you please check it Thanks!

I'm glad to look forward to your feedback. Thanks again!

Zero Dai - MSFT

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)


Hi Zero Dai - MSFT,

Thanks for your reply but it doesn't work for me.
MSMQ doesn't run as a service and error c00e000b is still here.

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)

Zero Dai - MSFT

Dear nbusy,

Could you please list out the steps that you used to install the MSMQ here Thanks! And also, if you attach the message displayed when you click the Verify button, that will be great. Thanks again!

The steps listed in my first post here makes installation successfully everytime. So, I am just wondering.


Zero Dai - MSFT

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)



The system we developing now must be installed on PDAs of every unexperienced user.

User should only deploy .cab file on his/shis PDA and run the installation.

The problem is that if our application will use MSMQ service than user need to install MSMQ service on his PDA and it is not suitable for us.

I understand that we can't create an setup/cab file for our system which will implicitly install MSMQ on user's PDA. Isn't it right

Besides of that, to communicate with any desktop PC from PDA there must be messaging component installed on desktop.

That's why I decided now not to use MSMQ in our application.

I tried to avoid using TCP but ...

If you have another opinion please let me know.

Thank you

Re: Smart Devices General MSMQ installation issue on Windows Mobile 5 (c00e000b)


Zero Dai - MSFT,

First of all, I am talking about a real mobile device (not emulator where I have no problem). I believe it works fine for you but perhaps we missed something.

Actually, I tried to install it in different ways. As a result I did
- hard restart a device
- using Security Configuration Manager:
* set Configuration type: Security off
* add development certificates to the device
- install development certificates in the root by copying files on a device and click to them there
* SDKFailsafeEmulator.cer
* SDKSamplePrivDeveloper.cer
* SDKSampleUnprivDeveloper.cer
- export certificates from the msmq.arm.cab and install them in the root by "copy & click" method
* Privileged CAB Signing Test Root Cert
* Stinger Privileged Root
- install msmq.arm.cab for Windows Mobile 5.0 on the device (install path - device)
- startup \Windows\visadm.exe and using shortcut run:
* Install (no output)
* Register (good output message don't remember exactly)
* Verify (good output message as attached)
- from visadm run command:
* enable binary
* enable srmp
- soft restart the device (I also tried to hard restart)
- startup visadm.exe and check Status (error message is here)

After that I tried method from Luislee818 found on the next branch of the forum http://forums.microsoft.com/msdn/ShowPost.aspx postid=1456916&isthread=false&siteid=1 (at the bottom of page 1)
- extract msmq.arm.cab and sign everything inside with "Privileged Development Certificate" (Security Configuration Manager)
- re-pack them into a new cab and sign it with the same certificate
- installed the new cab and finally got a good status message

It works fine at present but in production I suppose we cannot use development certificate.
The only difference between installing under development certificate and original ones is that I don't see original two certificates from Security Configuration Manager while I do see them in settings-system-certificates-root on the device.

output on Verify:
(I cannot guarantee that the message was exactly the same because I've got working MSMQ at present but I read the message so many times before it start working that I believe there is no difference)
Computer name is bla-bla-bla-003

MSMQ daemon installed.

NETREG daemon installed.

MSMQ configured.
Default Quota: 256
Port: 1801
Ping Port: 3527
QM GUID: very-big-guid-here
Network tracking: enabled
Start As Boot: yes
Base Dir: \Application Data\ Violatile\MSMQ
Base Dir exists. Contents:
/* I've got some file names here at present but before there wasn't any */

NETREG configured.
Cycle duration: 300
Use Redirector's netBIOS: yes
Track network: yes

Thank you,