I'm working on a VB app for a Windows Mobile 5.0 device. I have VS 2005 Professional and the latest version of CF 2.0 installed. I'm trying to read and write files from/to a server using FTPWebRequest and I'm getting a not defined error when I try to declare an instance of the FTPWebRequest . I read several posts on this issue but they were several months old. Is this feature still not available in the compact framework There were several comments on the libraries from but I didn't see any posts that said that they work either. Is there a way that anyone's used successfully to transfer files to/from a server from a Mobile 5.0 device using FTP

Re: .NET Compact Framework FTPWebRequest

Ilya Tumanov

There's no FTPWebRequest on NETCF (and it¡¯s not planned as of now). There are, however, several FTP implementations for NETCF, both commercial and free. If you search forums for ¡°FTP¡± you¡¯ll find something what works for you. I'm fairly confident's implementation works, by the way.