Jeff Lundstrom

Does anyone know why after installing Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1, building my project and then deploying to another machine via OneClick, I am getting a fileLoadException in a C# dll that depends on a dll. The excpetion is detailing that it can't find the version of the dll even though it is in exactly the same place as it was for install before SP1.

This only happens on a machine that does not have SP1 installed if I install SP1 on the testing machine we run, but without it, we get the fileloadexception. I thought this might be the run time dll's but even after adding the new run time dll's I am still getting this exception.

Anyone have a clue on this one Any and all help greatly appreciated.


Jeff Lundstrom

Re: Visual C# General C# FileLoadException after installing Visual Studio 2005 SP 1

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This is a vcred problem, once I figured out the right string to search with, I found it. Sorry for the interuption...