Andreas Brosten

I'm looking for a book or a web-totorial describing the development of a databasedriven windows application from start to end. It should describe in a step by step way how a windows client application is created. It doesn't need to be a huge, super complex application, just enought to cover frequent situations.

I would like to use it in order to better understand how I should devide a 'standard application' into modules and layers. Most books talking about the subject gets pretty abstract, so I'm looking for a working example using good patterns and practises.

I have just started looking at the 'Starter kits' from Microsoft, but I'm not sure yet if it is exactly what I'm looking for... Does anyone have any good suggestions here

regards Andreas

Re: Visual C# General Windows client tutorial (start to finish)


All books about C# programming with windows forms are targething that type of application where you use some data from database. One very good book for that area specifically is the Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0 where you will learn not just the basics but much more and will be ready to create real-world type of application.

Re: Visual C# General Windows client tutorial (start to finish)


Start with basic Object Oriented (OO) principles. If the operation/data is a distinct unit, place it into a class. Keep extraneous data and operations out of this class. Each class should be able to stand on its own to be used in different projects. Once you do that think of tiers, you have a user interface and business operations. Right there is two tiers, keep your classes separate for both tiers. Now that you have that in mind, place the first tier in one VS2005 project and the other in a Library Assembly. That is it. Starting with OO and then working within tiers you now have a professional project. You can further divide the tiers into other layers, such as extracting the data access layer (dal) from the business tier into its own assembly. Bingo its now a three tier/layer project.

It is really that simple. If you use interfaces to go between the tiers/layers, you have even more power to swap in and out tiers without the user knowing if needed.

Keep those items in mind at it will take you far.

Otherwise examples are good places to start, you will need to work your way through them to find what you are looking for:

A good place to start is the 101 Samples for Visual Studio 2005 which is a robust, initial development tasks to more involved tasks for winforms, web development etc which may help you in other areas.

Also out some of the VB/C# examples for the basic operations .

Check out the Windows Forms .Net (FAQ) which has differing lists of items, very helpful. Another FAQ which rounds up many subjects is the MSDN Winforms FAQ. Also check out is the GotDotNet Winforms Quick Start.

As you mentioned, there are starter kits such as the ASP.Net starter Kit. For SQL projects check out the very robust SQL project examples as found in the Starter Kits.

Also for some literature check out the CSharp Articles which is an excellent place to pick varying topics from generics, to patterns to string manipulation.

Re: Visual C# General Windows client tutorial (start to finish)

Andreas Brosten

Well, It's not just the database-part I'm intrested in, it's how to devide UI and business locig, handle events, error handling, etc. Most books face one little area and show implementation techniques, but I'm more interested in learning how to put it all together in a good way and code decoupled modules.

Regards Andreas