Hi all,

I wonder if you can help me out. Here is the situation:

I have a C code ( which is my project and it's done). In this C code, I have some variables ( inputs) and when I want to change them, I change them directly in the C code. So i came up with a idea about the User Interface so that whenever I want to change those varibles, I change them on the UI.

I'm about the write the UI by C#. On the UI, I would have a button called 'run' and when I press 'run' button, my C code should be excuted and pass the outputs back to the UI. But then I don't know how to program so that the UI will excute my C code.

P.S: if you have suggestion other than C#, please advice me.

Thank you very much

Re: Visual C# General C# User Interface for C code


Check out this forum post entitled, call native C method from C# to get you started.