I was just wonder if c# is still going strong or is taking over. Everything I go to page i see microsoft creating new power packs, etc. Why is that never offered to c# users Seems like is really more focused then c#.

I have concentrated on the c# language for over a yr now but now I am starting to think I should have stayed more in and just touch c# as it seems to have more to offer and microsoft seems to make coding easier with creating namespaces like MY.

Whats going on

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C# is always stronger, its an industry standard language compared to VB.NET and more professional and faster in terms of syntax.

Sure, there are more "helpers" for VB.NET, but really aimed for beginners to get into development and migration from old legacy VB developers to the .NET platform. By far, C# is the way to go and 90% of .NET Development jobs are C#.

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Less than a year ago MSDN magazine had an article about the future of VB - basically it said that VB is dieing. Then a little while after that there was articles about VB going a different direction. I hit up every MSDN event and 2 local user group meetings, in every classroom, every auditorium and every Code Camp there is about a 50/50 mixture of C# and VB guys.

VB power packs are there to make things easier for non-object oriented programmers. C# guys are object oriented, we don't need power packs. - LOL!!!

Here is one of many funny arguments about VB vs. C#

Bottom line, the .Net frame work is what it is all about. The language is only the tool the developer uses to get the end product.

I prefer C# - all of us developers need to know multiple languages - if you understand VB then use C#, after you know them learn the syntax of Java or C++

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Christopher Fleming

Well I'm definitely not a VB.NET is a great language with some advantages over c# (such as background compilation)...i'd encourage you to take a look at this excellent posting. Out of necessity I've worked quite a bit in both languages and despite the neverending debate I think one vs the other comes down to personal preference rather than one being clearly superior. Before .NET came on the scene is was largely Visual Basic vs C++ and the argument was somewhat less hazy. If you came from a VB background chances are you migrated into VB.NET. Due to the steep learning curve there were always more Visual Basic programmers than C++ programmers and so it stands to reason that the rationale behind seeing more VB.NET examples than C# ones comes down to the 'squeaky wheel gets the grease'. Personally I haven't seen a predominance of VB.NET over C#...if anything it has been the reverse. Case in point...most conferences I go to (the most recent was the Houston TechFest) the speakers ask at the beginning of the session whether the preference is for C# or VB.NET code samples and every single time it is more heavily weighted towards C#. Personally I use C# whenever possible because I think it helps enforce better practices whereas VB.NET tends to take a more lenient approach. Last but not least most contract opportunities are very upfront about things being written in C# because VB.NET has not quite, for whatever reason, shaken its misperception as a weaker language so it is more financially rewarding for me to focus on C#. The reality is that in the hands of a professional programmer...VB.NET or C# will produce the same high quality code...the perceived differences would more rightly be attributed to the skill of the person at the keyboard.

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lol thats some funny posts lol. For me in a business its more recognised to use c# for an imbedded software dev compared to but is more recognised for wed development compared to c#. This is in England btw. Im currently working in a multinational company and they keep on saying to me if you want to advance your career in any big company for inhouse development you need to know c# as thats what im currently doing! but my background is from vb 6, i found ok but i love c#!! now i have programmed in c++, c and fluent in java , java script but my fave is defnatly c# and (c++ games programming as a side dish Stick out tongue) just for eas of use!


another small thing is if you look at code then look at the same c# code, c# is smalled compared to, now people like me programming in the hundred thousands of lines of code its saves a bit more time Smile , end of the day its down to choice but iv gone in the direction where its going to secure me a good job in the future! and from experience you cant just stick on one language, except for c++ (hard core games programmers Smile)