I am literally brand new to programming; I'm a student in high school. I can't find what I need in forums or the Internet, so if someone could help me learn C#, that would be great.

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Mark Dawson


I would recommend that you first start reading a beginners guide to C# programming book. Normally a book will give you a better set of information that a website, if you pop down to your local book store or visit Amazon there are many books that can get you started.


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It is very difficult to start learning programming with C# and buying a book and reading wont teach you anything useful.

I would first try learning the basics in something like Qbasic - yes it is old and seems pointless but it is a very good learning tool, I think you can download it.

Then learn about object orientated programming - start with VB.NET then Java

Once your used to VB.NET and Java then you will understand C# straight away.

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Galin Iliev

Actually it doesn;t matter what language you learn - the most important is what you write. Same in real life: it doesn't matter how many languages you can speak if you have nothing smart to say.

As Mark said take a nice book for C# (becuase you can find a job with this language when you advance enough), read it. Read blog, forums, test examples and most important - write code and projects. Nobody will be your personal mentor and tell you everything you want to know - this is in your own hands


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A good book really is the best way to go about starting a new language. You need to make sure that you're happy with the level it's pitched at, so if possible flick through a bunch in a bookshop, or at least read reviews on the internet before picking one (if you go to the library you may be faced with copies that are several years old - if you're going to learn the language then you really want to have something that's fairly up to date). You want to try and get a good book that's aimed at the beginner programmer, but you may still be faced with words and terms that you don't understand so be prepared to look things up on the internet from time to time.

But above all persistance is what you need! And when you get stuck, ask questions on forums, you'll more often than not get an answer.

Good luck

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Learning with a book is surely good. In case you need to learn faster and need a tutor, you can get in touch with me at I tutor Java.

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There is a new section under MSDN made especially for beginners in programming
you can find it here

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Many good suggestions.

You are not likely to find a tutor easily. So learning from a book or series of books is the best recourse.

Also remember that there is more to programming than just the language. Start looking into logic and programming concepts as a whole. Knowing the language is one thing, knowing what you can do and what you want to do is an entirely different matter.