In VS2005 or in the MSDN help utility some links do not work. "Server not found" is the result.

Below are two of those links which are typed copies (3 times spelling checked) from some Microsoft coursebook.



can anybody check if these links are okay (something wrong with 'QTR' or whatever that may be )



Re: Visual C# IDE Help link does not work?


That depends. VS2005 ships with the MSDN library for VS2005. Assuming you have not updated the MSDN library then it should work. However if you have installed a newer version (say April 2007) then the link is no longer valid. Help links encode the "version" of the library that were built against. MS.VSCC.v80 is the version that ships with VS2005 if I remember correctly. The latest version of the library uses MS.MSDNQTR.v80.

If the coursebook you are using assumes VS2005 then the links would be wrong. However if you were to get to these links through another entry in the MSDN library then that would be an issue. Nevertheless the ending is the important part anyway as it is the friendly version of the URL you're looking for. Type System.Transactions.Transaction into the index or search windows and you'll get to the links you're looking for.

Michael Taylor - 8/20/07