I have a c++ class implemented in a dll, and then I have my main in C#, where I call the functions of the dll. My problem is to know how to declare and use an object of the class that I have in the dll in c++. I think I have to declare the class also in the c# project and then use the DLLimport command but I'm not sure... Can someone help Thanks

Re: Visual C# General Use C++ class in C#


Create a class:

public static class MyNativeClass


[DllImport("someDll.dll")] // Your DLL name / complete path from where it should load (better copy in debug or release and use as in example
public static extern void NativeFunction(int number);

// Repeat the same for all your function in that dll


not call function from C#


or remove the static keyword to make your class nonstatic, create an object and call like:

MyNativeClass nativeObject = new MyNativeClass();


I hope this will help.

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