Harald M. Müller

Hi -

We do the following: We have a project of about 20 people, with - at this time - about 180 VS 2005 csproj files. This is expected to grow to 300...400. Obviously, we do not use a "super solution" containing all these projects - we use msbuild for doing a complete build (it just builds all csprojs it finds), and developers work with small, "custom work solutions" containg just the projects they need.

We have decided to keep ProjectReferences in all project files - this is great when including another project into a solution. Also, Resharper is happy when it sees all those references.

However, when we open such solutions, about 70% of the time the references to projects NOT in the solution get yellow marks that they are broken. In maybe 30%, the projects are found happily (and ReSharper is also happy).

We thought for some time that a rebuild of the partial solution fixes the references; then, that a complete rebuild of all projects helps; then, that waiting for some timeout helps (there were reports that "after lunch, all was fine"). But none of these magics works reliably.

I also looked into forums, but found nothing (under "large solutions", "partial solutions", "broken project references" and the like).

Is there any way to use project references with such stripped down solutions that works


Harald M. Muller

Re: Visual C# IDE Transient project reference problems in large solutions ... how to handle broken references in partial "work solutions"?

Helmut Obertanner

Hello all,

I agree to that.
How can we update broken project references after a recompile
Is there a Hotkey where we can update/resolve all project references

I'm thinking of a workaround that:
If the project reference is not in the "small" solution - the reference is taken from binaries folder.

Greets, Helmut