Philip Borchert

It appears that in visual Studio 2005, the new folder feature found in visual studio solution explorer has been replaced with "new filter".  While I find filters fun and nice to use, I find this feature not able to do what I could with the new folder feature in 2003   We basically have a very large project and we want to create "sub-folders" off of that project as to group the different areas.  An example would be something like...


Toy Store Project

      Balls   -  In this "sub folder" is all the .cpp, .h, and resx files etc having to do with balls

      Video Games - in this "sub folder" is all the .cpp, .h, and resx files having to do with video games.

       Matchbox Cars - and finally in this sub folder would be all the .cpp, .h, and resx files having to do with matchbox cars.


I realize I am using .cpp etc.... because I looked and didn't see a ide of c++ but figured it would be close to c#'s IDE. 


Does anyone else miss the sub folder feature   Is there a switch or some method to turn it back on  


Still No feedback   Surely someone has to know the answer for this


Re: Visual C# IDE Solution Explorer where did New Folder go?

Tom Meschter MSFT

If you right click on a C# project or a folder in a C# project in the Solution Explorer, you will find an "Add\New Folder" item. C++ project appear to only have an "Add\New Filter" item, but to be certain you should check in the C++ forums.

-Tom Meschter
Software Dev, Visual C# IDE