Hello, is it possible with C# to open up the user's default internet browser and take it to a certain web page I would like it to open it outside the program (if you understand). If you can do this, is it possible to open any program

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Yes, it's very simple actually. The Process class in .NET is pretty smart. For example, if you do the following:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("http://www.yahoo.com") it will start the user's default browser and go to the Yahoo home page (this is of course dependent on whether the default browser accepts a URL as a command line argument - all the major browsers do).

You can start any known program this way - pass it a text file, it will start the default text editor; pass it a path to a movie, it will use the default movie viewer.

You can pass it an executable name too and if it can find the exe on the user's path, it will start that; if it's not on the default path you'll have to pass it the full path to the exe.