Hi everybody there.

I developed an application that uses a serial connected device. This device sends a large number of incoming data to my computer. I managed to handle all this data and store it in 2D array struct.

My problem is that some times the application crashes. What might be wrong When my program crashes all data the is being printed in an output file correctly. What might be the problem and how can I overcome it

I would really appreciate any help of you. Thank you in advance.

Re: Visual C# Language Strange Problem...Help


Most likely a memory issue.

Try using a storage class that will automattically expand as needed.


Re: Visual C# Language Strange Problem...Help

Mark Dawson


do you see this behaviour when running your app under the debugger, if so can you detail what is the type of exception you are receiving and all the associated details, this may allow someone to help you, at the moment saying the app crashes is a bit vague and could be caused by a lot of issues.