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We've run into a problem when we try adding new Item to the project. Devenv.exe starts running with 100% CPU utilization. It doesn't seem to matter what project it is - web, windows forms etc.

My guess is that one of the item templates is corrupted, but we have no idea on how to identify it.

VS 2005 SP1


Re: Visual C# IDE Add Item to project - 100% CPU


Does it do it every time or just the first time for each project Do you have any custom templates defined By default your personal template directory is under Documents & Settings. Is this directory on a network drive or otherwise unaccessible

You can try removing the templates and adding them back one by one. Each template, for project items, is a single file or contained as a resource in a binary and referenced in a VSDIR file.

Michael Taylor - 4/2/07


Re: Visual C# IDE Add Item to project - 100% CPU


It does it all the time.

The folder is on the same hard drive and has default permissions. In other words, it's accessible.

I believe, there's on;y two custom templates came with ComponentOne Studio Ent.

Nothing else. Will try to go removing templates one by one.

Re: Visual C# IDE Add Item to project - 100% CPU


This won't help you but I had the same thing happening to me on a component that I wrote but instead of it hanging up VS it would just crash with no warning or error messages as to the cause. It ended up that I had derived my control from the wong type and even though everything compiled fine in the main dll, when I tried to use it things crashed.

Don't know what to tell you with finding the error because Visual Studio didn't help me either. In fact I think it has more bugs in it than anyone wants to admit, so sometimes helping you find your problems is outside its abilities... :-)

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