Shai Raiten

Hello Everyone,

I have a small problem, When i"m trying to perform console.writeline the Console Window dosent open.

I"m not getting error!

When can be the problem


Re: Visual C# General Console Windows

Ji Cheng Wang - MSFT

Hi Shai,

It is difficult to determine exactly what's the problem with you from your description. My suggestion for you is to try to create a Console application using VS.NET and perform Console.WriteLine in the Main(string[] args) method. This should work for you.

Hope this helps,


Re: Visual C# General Console Windows


Sounds like he was using a windows forms app.

Writing to Console in this case writes to a window in the IDE instead. I forget which one. Smile

Re: Visual C# General Console Windows

ali Naqvi

write Console.Read() after console.writeline()

then tell me !