Martijn B

Hello there,

I was woundering if there is a solution to the following problem i have.

Is it possible with VS2003 to undo local changes made from a certain (defined) startpoint to a (defined) endpoint. Like you can with databse transactions. Offcourse i know this is possible with tools like CVS, TFS, ClearCase, but in this later case you have allready checked-in some code which i don't want. I just want to rollback some edit changes on my local sources from a defined startpoint.


Martijn B

Re: Visual C# IDE Rollback /undo local made changes (transaction editing??)


That really depends. Most applications (including VS) can undo previously made changes between the last change and the very first change made to a file (since the last time you saved it). This is the well known start and end point. You can not, however, skip the last 5 changes and then start undoing some changes nor can you undo changes after the last save. The best option is to limit changes (without a check in) to related code.

When dealing with CM some teams use CM as both the team repository and the local repository. With a local repository devs check code in whenever they have changes worth saving. The code might not run properly or even compile. This eliminates the issue of a dev having work in progress code get lost if their machine suddenly crashes. Once the dev is happy with their changes they "promote" their changes to the team repository where others can use it.

Michael Taylor - 8/21/07