Hi! I have an application that uses some files to get its configuration. Some days before it worked perfect, it can find the files correctly. But, now, My application can't read paths that use "accents" ( I don't know why).

How can I change it so that my application could read paths that include accents

Re: Visual C# General BUG IN FRAMEWORK 2.0 UPDATE


I've found out why either my application or others people can't read paths with accents. I've tried to uninstall the Framework 2.0 update of July the 10th (MS07-040) http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms07-040.mspx and now they works!!

I know this update is important for the security of my system, but I really need to work my application (if I can't I'm not gonna get my computer sciences degree). So I suggest to solve it.

I'd like that if someone could warn Microsoft people, they did it. Thank you

Re: Visual C# General BUG IN FRAMEWORK 2.0 UPDATE

Martin Xie - MSFT

Thank you Julianin for your valuable feedback!

You can post the suggestion at our Connect feedback portal.


Our developer will evaluate it seriously and take it into consideration when designing future release of the product.

Improving the quality of our products and services is a never ending process for Microsoft.

Thanks again for choosing us!

Re: Visual C# General BUG IN FRAMEWORK 2.0 UPDATE

Peter Ritchie

If it's important, I suggesty you contact customer support.