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I have created a couple of C# programs (I am still new to this programming). I am curious what operating systems C# programs are compatible with, i.e. Windows 98, Xp, Vista, or Mac



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Peter Ritchie

They're likely compatible with Windows 98, XP, and Vista; depending on the methods you've used. As far as I know there is no working runtime on the Mac other than Silverlight; which, I believe, doesn't host programs.

Re: Visual C# General C# Operating System Compatibility


Mono is available on the Mac, but anything you've done that uses any non System.whatever references. If you use WinForms, you'll have to restrict yourself to the 1.1 framework functionality and the Mac would have to have X11 and Mono installed I believe (which most don't)

I'm no expert at mono, although it's making inroads in other platforms, it's best to only assume your program is going to work on Win98 up with the appropriate .NET framework installed until you test it and prove otherwise. Also of note, if you are using any of the .NET 3.0 code, it seems that requires WinXP SP2 and up


Re: Visual C# General C# Operating System Compatibility


There is some support for C# with the Mono project

As the project is still in development, it's hard to say if what you have will be compatible with what they've done


C# programs are compatible with whatever has a .net framework. Excluding the "in-development" project (dotGnu, Mono-Project, etc) there is only Windows support for the .net framework (excluding the support for Silverlight component viewers)