hi guys,

again, i have a problem handling WMF vector image

I have a WMF image which contains text and lines. In Windows Explorer (thumbnail view) the text and lines overlapped to each other, but when i try to open/insert it in Microsoft Office Picture Manager/Microsoft Office, everything is fine.

I wonder how Microsoft handle WMF vector images

Anyway, i was trying to convert it in another image format (JPG, PNG. just to rasterize it out). But after converting the WMF vector image, still, the problem is the text and lines overlapped.

Can you help me with this using C# or VB.NET

Thank you in advance!!

Re: Visual C# General WMF Vector Image Handling


i know this is kind of bit aukward, because of the 0day

but hopefully you guys can help me

Re: Visual C# General WMF Vector Image Handling

Figo Fei - MSFT

Here is another thread of a related topic:Convert WMF to JPG

Hope it helps.