I am migrating to 2005, is there any easy way to get snippets over into 2005 from 2003 and is there any easy way to get the contents of the toolbox i.e. componets over to 2005

Re: Visual C# General Migration to 2005


No and no. Snippets didn't exist in VS2003 so there is no upgrade path. The snippet format is pretty easy to figure out and there is a code snippet editor available online so you can copy-paste the snippet blocks you want to create.

The toolbox can't be migrated nor can any of the settings. However the toolbox allows you to add new controls easily by using a simple browser-style dialog where you can select the controls to add to a new or existing tab. Any third-party components you rely on should automatically add themselves to the toolbox.

Your other settings you'll have to migrate by hand. Once you get everything configured the way you want be sure to export the settings to a new file so you can store it off and reuse it either on another machine or at the odd occasion where VS loses them. A great feature over prior versions.

Michael Taylor - 10/21/07