I'm an engineering student and i'm working on my project titled 'Internet Access Control' for our college.

Our college has a server connected to our network lab where internet is accessed. I'm using sockets programming and i would be glad if you tell me which classes i have to use along with the addressing considerations. The aim is to have the user (student) log in and the user can have access to internet only for a fixed amount of time. The server should maintain login information and keep a watch on the time for which the user has accessed the net.

I mainly need to know about how the program can know that Internet service has been started and ended, how should it do it

What are the packages involved

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Programming this yourself is not that easy. You have to create a bridge yourself with two sockets connecting the user in the lab with the internet. Meausering the time is also quit difficult, since the protocol is stateless. People can look at an internet page will there is no network traffic. I suggest you'd look on the internet and try to find a program which gives you the functionality you want.

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Check out the System.Net namespace, everything about internet/socket is there